Tectonic Shift

In the future year of 1996, the tectonic plates shifted and destroyed one of many underwater cities. With the city abandoned, nations fight over the remaining resources. Each player controls a submarine sent to collect scrap and sea life and combine them to destroy the opposition.













Tectonic Shift is a two-player, multi-deck building game where players use three decks (Build, Combat, and Support) to ultimately deplete opponent health. Each deck has a unique purpose. The Build deck allows players to purchase or ‘build’ cards from the City. The Combat deck deals damage to an opponent and repairs your health. The Support deck increases energy, which is required to play most cards. Players will move between each of their decks to build a strong deck with vital resources and fight their opponent.

Game Includes:
146 Cards
12 tokens
1 Rulebook

Combine 2 copies of the game for 3-4 players!

More info coming soon!