The Story of Havenfall

Before dark days befell it, the southern region of Edonia was a peaceful and prosperous land. From the Sentinels – the soaring mountain peaks of the north – to the glittering Bay of Light on the southern shores, and Sen’s Tower that guarded the west to the great capital of Havenfall in the east, Edonia bustled with adventurers, merchants, farmers, and tradesmen of every sort.

But now the Djiran, a race of sinister demonic creatures, have opened a rift from their dimension into the land of Edonia , unleashing an evil corruption that threatens the existence of the land. Lurking in the shadows of their own destitute dimension, the Djiran have long coveted Edonia’s resources and mounted small invasions in previous generations. But now, through a darker magic, they have discovered a new way to spread corruption through their rifts and into the minds of others. Under the control of the Djiran, the inhabitants become aggressive and attack the humans of Edonia who are immune to the rift’s effects.

The mining town of Ember was closest to the Rift and the first to fall to its power. With the foul influence of the corruption spreading through the streets of their city, the townsfolk of Ember flee with what few treasures and items they are able to carry. Shortly after the survivors escape, the corrupted monsters destroy Ember.

Fleeing to Havenfall, the survivors meet with the city’s Council, King Mordell, Sorceress Alira, Commander Trauss, and Blade Master Quin, to seek shelter and warn them of the approaching danger. The Council issues a call for heroes from throughout the land to resist the Djiran invasion. The heroes gather supplies and recruit heroes, entering into skirmishes with numerous monsters, until they encounter their first boss. After a fierce battle, the boss is defeated. Upon being freed from the corruption, the monster provides information about how to close the Rift.

Each leader sends out a scout to the shores of the neighboring Shifting Islands. The scouts use the information received from monsters in their search for the fabled artifact–The Heaven’s Sigil. This artifact has been lost since the days in which Havenfall’s soldiers marched into battle under its colors representing each of the four elements that had combined to make Edonia a land of strength and beauty. If found, the artifact can close the Rift and banish the Djiran back to their dimension.

With more creatures falling under the Djirans’ mind control, the Rift becomes larger and stronger, feeding off their hate and violence. The Council heads out into battle themselves, leaving the survivors of Ember to command the war rooms with their firsthand knowledge of the monsters’ tactics and abilities. As each hero’s power increases and the inhabitants are freed of the corruption, information is relayed to the scouts who close in on the island where they believe the Heaven’s Sigil is located. All is lost if they fail to find it, but the faction who reaches the sigil first and restores Edonia to peace stands to claim the great glory of victory for themselves…


Written by Kirby Morris