Frequently Asked Questions
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What happens to the abilities applied to and from a hero that was removed from the spell Lightning Strike?
Any functions from abilities that are still in progress or have not happened yet are removed along with the hero. Damage and health increases are reverted, where as drawing/gaining cards will remain if the process has been completed.

Ex #1: I played a spell to give my elite guard +6 damage, then played elite guard’s ability and provided 3 other heroes with 2/2 to their stats. If lightning strike was played on the elite guard, I would lose all stat increases attached to him and that he was offering.
Ex #2: I played my archer and drew 2 cards. If lightning strike was played on the archer afterwards, the ability has already been completed. This would only remove the archer.
Ex #3: I play my blacksmith’s ability to trash treasure and upgrade it to the next rank. As I move the silver over to the trash pile, an opponent plays lightning strike. Spells pause the game where it is at and take effect immediately. So now I trash my blacksmith and his ability no longer exists. This leaves the me without the silver or the blacksmith in their deck now.

Do I need to choose my action before gaining a spell? 
No, spells can be gained at anytime during your turn and does not affect the action you choose.

Do I have to choose the monster I am fighting as soon as I declare my action?
No, you can decide at any point during your turn. Once you have announced the location, (minion 1, 2 or boss) you cannot change.

Can players look through decks on the board or their deck?
Players can look through any deck that is face up.

What does a player do if they are required to draw a card when they only have a discard pile?
The player shuffles their discard pile and places it face down. This becomes their deck. The player draws cards from the top of the deck.

What happens when a player plays a spell and it has zero effect?
Spells take effect immediately whether or not they are beneficial. The spell is then trashed.

Can I use spells to enhance the monster card in my deck acquired from using the ability of the Cursed Grall Staff?
Yes, a player can add +6 monster damage or health to a monster in their hand to help them fight.

I just drew my next hand and see that I have 2 artifacts. Both of them have “Draw a card.” Can I draw them now while I wait for my turn?
No, Information on cards cannot be played until the cards are in play.

What happens if a player chooses to use the Lookout’s ability, War Horn, on a Seer, but the Seer’s ability, Forewarn, was used to discard the Seer?
The Seer cannot be carried over for the player’s next turn, any cards that are carried over must remain in play until the end of the turn.

What if the Shadow card is not played during a player’s turn?
The Shadow card does not return to the Shadow deck. The Shadow card is placed on the player’s discard pile. (Also applies to the Lute card)

What happens If use a Shadow card on an Elite Guard?
The information on the Shadow card will copy the Elite Guard’s information. This will make the Shadow have 4 damage and 4 health. If both abilities are activated. the Shadow will also add +2 damage and +2 health to other heroes. The Shadow does not copy the card type.
The Shadow remains an item and does not gain hero affects, but can provide them.

Why would I want to activate the ability of Mordell’s Ring to give my opponents +3 treasure?
This gives opponents an incentive to buy a more expensive card. In return, you can gain a card of the same value during their turn.

When can a player choose to play the pixel color as another color with the Crown of Nyra?
The player can change the color at any time during their turn, but only once.
Example: if a players has three red pixels, they can use the first pixel as a red and then play the artifact to exhaust the remaining two pixels as blue pixels.

Can opponents choose to fight or use a monster card in another player’s possession?
Monster cards cannot be taken or played by any opponent due to the back of the card being different.

When playing either spell Cheatcode or Frostfire, must the pixel come from either the “available” or “exhausted” side of the opponent’s war room?
No, the pixel can be taken from either side of their war room. When taken, the pixel must be placed on the “exhausted” side of the player’s war room.

The game board has several paths between cards. Do I have to follow those paths?
No, the artwork on the board is purely visual.