Canada Customers & Black Friday Discount

We’re excited to announce Havenfall is now available to customers in CANADA! This is a huge step toward eventually selling worldwide. Canada based customers, please note the game price and shipping cost do not include any customs taxes or fees.

We’re also having a Black Friday discount today (24-N0v-2017 EST) only!  Get $5 OFF your total order using coupon code: pixels

A mention of an mistake.

Someone found a mistake we made. On the dividers for the Silver and Gold, the quantities are listed wrong. In the rule book it says 12 Silver and 8 Gold. Those are the correct amounts in the game. Each game has the correct amount of cards included. We listed this on the product page as well.

Havenfall is now available!

Launch image

Havenfall is officially released! After 3+ years of work and a few setbacks, we are proud to say that we can finally sell our game.

It is hard to believe that the two of us have managed to develop and produce a game on our own. We thank all of you who’ve followed and supported us as we worked to create a product we are proud of.

Havenfall can be purchased in our store. We are also selling the Promo cards (4 extra Leader cards). Please note, we are currently only selling in the U.S. This is a temporary measure as we do plan to sell worldwide.

Product has arrived!

We are excited to announce that the first 50 copies of Havenfall have arrived! Copies will be available for purchase starting Saturday, October 14th during the Save Against Fear convention located at the Harrisburg Mall in Harrisburg, PA. Copies will be sold for $47 each. In addition to the game, the following items will be available for purchase:

  • T-shirts (sizes Youth Large- 2XL) for $15
  • Coasters (4 in a set) for $5
  • Promo cards (includes 4 additional Leader cards) for $5 or FREE with a purchase of either a t-shirt or set of coasters.

Visit the Save Against Fear site  for more details about how you can join us for a great day of gaming!

An additional 450 copies will be available in early November. The product is currently making it’s way to Pittsburgh, PA via ocean freight and updates will be provided once a delivery date is confirmed. Once the product arrives, the copies will be made available online for purchase.

Games in box

promo cards

What is the state of game?

Sorry for not posting on the main website, but we currently use Facebook, Twitter or Tabletop Simulator as our social media to keep people up to date on the game. As the kickstarter didnt work, we jumped into self funding the game but at a smaller scale. We will only have 500 copies in our first print run. We have already paid for the game to be produced and it is currently at the factory be printed. We are guessing it will take about another 2 months before we get the shipment in. At that point we will be selling the game via this website.

Depending how fast the copies sell we will then do a second print run from the same manufacturer. If we sell all 500 copies within the first couple months, we will look into ordering 2,000 copies and have another company store and ship them (for now we will be doing that.)

If Havenfall sells well enough, I am in the works for developing the first expansion, it will double the conent of the base game and add in a new quest system. If the value is there, I will start artwork on those cards.

This year I will also work on the free Print and Play cards for the single player mode for Havenfall. This can eventually turn into 4 different story campaigns for each color that as you advance through the missions, the challenges will ramp up with different scenarios.

Kickstarter is Live!


Overview Video

Tabletop Simulator

Havenfall has been added to Tabletop Simulator! Anyone interested in playing the game with me, my Steam ID is Dabeco.

All of the rules for the game can be found here.

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