Havenfall is now sold out!

We have finished selling our print run of Havenfall. We will no longer be selling them on website for the time being. We currently still have some copies in local stores of the Pittsburgh area.
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Holiday Sale!

November 26 – December 25, 2020

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Article about us and Havenfall!

Check it out on page 25 of our Cranberry Township Newsletter!!


We were demoing Havenfall at the local library during a Maker’s Faire event. One of the workers at the municipal building approached us, asked us about the board game; as most people there were demoing 3D printers and items they’ve made out of wood or metal. As we explained how Havenfall has reached across the globe and hit over 5,000 downloads online. They asked if we would be interested in being a profile in the townships newsletter.

Havenfall is 25% off from November 23-26, 2018!

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Solo play walkthrough

A Dicey Review


Update to the Rulebook!

Our first change/update to the rule book. This will be added to the digital version soon. One issue that we had complaints from players was that they didn’t feel it was fair if a Rank 1 monster was killed on a players first turn and they start with 2 pixels while others only have 1, due to just plain luck and going first. So the rule we are implementing to the game is that when setting up the monsters, Minions 1 and 2 can only be Rank 2-3, while the boss can be between Rank 1-4. Any other monsters that were revealed can be reshuffled back into the monster deck.

Shout out to Deep Fried Pickles on Tabletop Sim for the change.

Tekko 2018

We just did Tekko 2018 the other week and it went really well. 3 full non-stop days of people playing Havenfall. We also demoed the Single Player variant, the first expansion “Return to Ember,” along with a new game in development called “Techtonic Shift.”