Product has arrived!

We are excited to announce that the first 50 copies of Havenfall have arrived! Copies will be available for purchase starting Saturday, October 14th during the Save Against Fear convention located at the Harrisburg Mall in Harrisburg, PA. Copies will be sold for $47 each. In addition to the game, the following items will be available for purchase:

  • T-shirts (sizes Youth Large- 2XL) for $15
  • Coasters (4 in a set) for $5
  • Promo cards (includes 4 additional Leader cards) for $5 or FREE with a purchase of either a t-shirt or set of coasters.

Visit the Save Against Fear site  for more details about how you can join us for a great day of gaming!

An additional 450 copies will be available in early November. The product is currently making it’s way to Pittsburgh, PA via ocean freight and updates will be provided once a delivery date is confirmed. Once the product arrives, the copies will be made available online for purchase.

Games in box

promo cards


  1. I seriously can’t wait to get my paws on Havenfall!!! Just a quick question is there a limit to the number a person can order? I’m wanting to buy one for me, my bro and my buddy. Thanks!

    • Joe Yzquierdo says:

      Hi J.P. there is no limit on the number of copies players can purchase. The only item limited is 1 set of promo cards per game.


  3. Hey, just wondering if you’ll post an update in this [news] section once the games are up for sale, or if I should just keep an eye on the store section. Also, how fast do the copies sell? Should I just stay glued to this site hitting refresh like a madman? Thanks in advance!!!

    • Joe Yzquierdo says:

      We will have an update on the news section. We will also be sending out a newsletter announcement when the game becomes available. That would be the quickest way to know when it releases. We will also do announcements on Facebook, Twitter, BBG, reddit/r/boardgames and Tabletop Simulator. We aren’t expecting to instantly sell out, so you shouldn’t have to constantly click refresh or anything 😀

      • Thanks Joe! YOURE MY HERO!!!!

      • DDDDUDE666 says:

        I think early November has passed ;P

        • Joe Yzquierdo says:

          Yea. They originally told us we would have the shipment in by November 1st. but they just meant it would get to customs. but that way delayed until the 6th. But at least today we finally got the shipment to our place! so we just need to get things organized and we are good to go!

  4. PERiWiNKLE says:

    I noticed the game is posted in the store; however, when I try to select ordering options it says I need a password?
    Please HELP!!! <3

    • Joe Yzquierdo says:

      Hi Periwinkle, we dont have the game for sale just yet. We are testing to make sure the product section is working correctly. Still waiting on the shipment to arrive. Should be any day now!

      • Ahh! That makes sense 😉
        I thought “Protected” was like some new AwEsOmE expansion. Anyway, thank you so much Joe, I love your game!!!

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