How Long Should a Havenfall Game be?

I’m not a fan of games that go past 2 hours (just starts to feel like games are dragging out), and I aimed for Havenfall to be a game with a playtime set 15-30 minutes per player.

One thing we have been getting feedback on from people who have a press kit is that new players say the game feels way too long (about 2 hours to 3 hours.) Any time you play/learn a game for the first time, the length of game play will inevitably be longer.

One way we can reduce time is to have a recommended first time setup:
Squire | Swordsman | Shapeshifter | Assassin | Seer | Elite Guard
The first 3 revealed monsters can only be rank 3 or lower. Any rank 4 or 5 Monsters are reshuffled back into the monster deck.

In this setup, the Assassin thins the deck so people do not have bloated decks full of treasure, the Squire helps blue player out early in the game, and the Swordsman and Shapeshifter are the two best early game fighters. These heroes do not require any item cards (Shadow and Lute) that may be confusing to first time players.


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