Game Modes

Free for All (standard 2-4 players)
This is the normal way to play Havenfall. The rule book is written for this mode.

Quick Play (standard 2-4 players)
The color pattern in Havenfall is Blue-Red-Green-Yellow. For Quick Play, each player starts with their War Room color, along with the next color. That means if you are the Red player, you start with a Red pixel and a green. If you are Yellow, you start with a yellow pixel and a blue.

Teams (4 players, 2v2)
This mode requires 4 players. Differences from the rulebook are both players of the same team are required to hit level 10 to win. Teammates cannot play Attack cards on one another. Teammates are allowed to see each others spells. They cannot share cards from each other’s decks.

Single Player
Havenfall: Single Player is a variant of the standard 2-4 player game. The player must gain 10 points before either running out of monsters or losing all 6 towns from monster attacks.